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Wellness - Alfred Hotel Carlsbad

To make your stay more pleasant the Alfred Hotel has prepared several wellness services for you.

All wellness services offered by the Alfred Hotel are also available to clients who are not staying at the hotel.

Finnish sauna and steam room

If you wish to relax after a strenuous day in Carlsbad we can offer a so-called dry sauna, which we will heat to between 60 - 120 °C. The sauna has a maximum capacity of 4 people.

There is also a so-called steam room, which holds a maximum of 2 people, available for those who prefer humid heat.

A real sauna needs a pool with ice cold water and a shower. You can rest in the rest room and prepare for another round of this purifying treatment.

Towels, sheets and dressing gowns are available free of charge. If interested the coffee shop staff will supply you with liquids for a small fee.

The whole area of the sauna and rest room is separate and assures your complete privacy throughout your stay there.

Opening times: Mon - Sun – 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Sauna common entrance for 2-6 people 250,-CZK/person/hour
  private entrance for 2 people 600,-CZK/hour
Steam common entrance for 2-4 people 250,-CZK/person/hour
  private entrance for 2 people 600,-CZK/hour
Sauna + Steam common entrance for 2-10 people 300,-CZK/person/hour
  private entrance for 2 people 800,-CZK/hour

 *Guests of the Alfred Hotel are provided with a discount on all wellness services

You can order sauna, steam room services at hotel reception or by calling tel. no. 353 540 266.

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