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Leisure time or what is there to do in Carlsbad?

As well as using the services offered by the Alfred Hotel during your stay in Carlsbad, you can use you leisure time to visit interesting places in the largest spa town in the Czech Republic and its surrounding area.

Interesting places to visit

Apart from walking around the Carlsbad spa centre and tasting water from the hot springs, we also recommend that you visit the Becherovka Museum, where you can taste a sample from the current production of this world-famous liqueur and also acquaint yourself with its history.

Another place you shouldn’t miss is the Moser Glassworks, where you can visit the glassworks museum or take the opportunity of acquainting yourself with the glassworks and viewing production at this world famous manufactory.

During your visit to the city of Carlsbad you should also tour the "Vřídlo Underground" (Vřídlo = thermal spring), were you can learn about the history of the springs and also see how the legendary “Carlsbad Rose” is created.

When wandering about Carlsbad we also recommend that you visit a place that is unique in this republic. The Christmas House which is housed in a reconstructed chateau in Doubí. You can enjoy a Christmas atmosphere during any season here.

Spa and wellness

The range of services offered by the Alfred Hotel includes some wellness treatments, but, unfortunately, we cannot offer you a complex range of spa treatments on our premises. In spite of this we recommend that you try some of the therapeutic and relaxing treatments offered for example by the largest spa facility in the Czech Republic - Alžbětiny Lázně (Elizabeth’s Spa)

Walking was always a part of spa treatment. As well as the walks you will take through the spa part of the city, you should also visit the spa forests. The forests are interspersed with paths, on which you can encounter pavilions, look-out points and look-out towers or places for sitting and resting like the Diana Restaurant for example.

What else is there to do in Carlsbad?

The list of things to do would probably be quite long, but another option is to visit one of the events that are held in Carlsbad during your stay. You can choose from the event calendar on the town’s official website.

Carlsbad and the surrounding area offer the densest network of golf courses in the Czech Republic to golf enthusiasts, and there is also a large number of restaurants for people who enjoy a good meal and where everyone will find something to suit them.

The area surrounding the city of Carlsbad

The most interesting of these are undoubtedly Loket Castle (6 km from Carlsbad), Bečov

Chateau and Castle, which contains the second most valuable relic in the Czech Republic, the Reliquary of Saint Maurus (20 km from Carlsbad) or the Ore Mountain winter centres, which are well-equipped for winter sports.

What else can we say? You will certainly not be bored in Carlsbad and the Alfred Hotel is an excellent base to start out from on trips to become acquainted with Carlsbad and its surrounding area.

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